Trackpad tablet for MacBook
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You can download the free version, which has a demo screen, and use it for as long as you'd like.
Simply drag it to your Applications folder to install.
It's easy to activate it later, if you need to.
Registering Inklet stops the demo message. Highly recommended!
An activation key will be sent to you immediately via email.
Using Inklet with Photoshop
Inklet with handwriting recognition
Here's how to tell if Inklet will work on your machine:
  • You need to have a MacBook with multitouch. Unibody silver MacBooks with black keys will work, as will any Mac laptop built after 2009.
  • You must also have OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or later, and a third-party drawing program.
  • If you have a magic trackpad, Inklet will detect and use it. If you already have an internal trackpad, select 'Prioritize external trackpads' in the Inklet general preferences. Inklet works best on internal trackpads, as pressure sensitivity is limited on the Magic Trackpad.
  • Need to be sure it'll work? It's easy! Give the free version a quick try.
  • Feel free to hit our help page if you have more questions.